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Get your tea in order, honey!

As stated before, Aukhmi Tefnut - Herbal Blend Tea started because we wanted to bring another way other than pharmaceutical medication to heal people. We had to go back to the very beginning in order to understand what herbs and fruits are on a molecular level. Doing this brought us to the Medu Ntr the first civilization known to man, yet wrongly documented, to understand the essence of nature. Then utilizing the teachings of ancient Africa to guide in the making each one of our blends. So when we introduced the chakra collection we felt our brand was being diluted by westernizing civilization when we called it chakras.

So, beyond belief of what you have been told about yoga and chakras has been all inaccurate. No, it wasn't started in India 5,000 years ago. Ankh, the symbol of life has been represented in western civilizaton as Yoga. Foundation of the chakra system or the Sefech Ba Ra (seven souls of Ra) was developed in ancient Africa. Sekhem (life-energy) is the essence of the human. The Life-force moves through the Sefech Ba Ra with the purpose, direction, and focus of awareness itself.​

Sefech Ba Ra is variance, proportionate, existence of the Medu Ntr (nature) without it, duality would not exist causing nonexpression in life. Without expression, we as beings would have the inability to connect physically or mentally on a level of awareness of one's self. Awareness is the point where ones conscious self-meets and interacts with its physical self. Aukhmi Tefnut - Herbal Blend Tea has come to that of point awareness when blending their herbs and fruits. So we will now introduce to you correctly the Sefech Ba Ra Collection, let our blends help heal you.

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