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So much so fast

Who would have thought, that 2-months ago the herbal tea that was just for my family would be in homes around the world? Cultivating new things has always been a way of life for me and this tea was no different. Aukhmi Tefnut - Herbal Blend Tea needed to show who they truly are.

So, once back from Paris, we started off full speed ahead with giving a fresh look at how the customer viewed us. In doing this, we took to the revamping of our logo, along with the website and added a new collection to our product line. The logo change story is definitely another blog for another day.

We have made the website easier on the eyes. Go check it out and tells us what you think. While we were doing all that, we also went on and add a new product line called the Chakra collection. We have definitely been busy on your behalf. Whoa that was a lot. Now catch our breath and drink a cup of tea with Aukhmi Tefnut -Herbal Blend Tea.

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